Promote Traditional Muzzleloading

"The more the merrier!" has never been more true, AND needed. The traditional muzzleloading community is but a minor, if not THE minor special interest group within the overall firearms community. Our numbers dwindle as the years press forward. There are sundry reasons for this, but perhaps the biggest is the public's lack of exposure to trad muzzleloaders and their history. There is little to no marketing for both our guns of choice or their heritage.

The TMA is dedicated to preserving the rich and fascinating heritage
of the traditional muzzleloading firearms of early America.

In an effort to promote the focus and goals of our non-profit organization, the Traditional Muzzleloading Association, we have TMA hand-out brochures available for anyone who would like to help get the word out.

The absolute main purpose of the TMA brochure is to increase awareness of traditional muzzleloading firearms, their history and heritage, and to get folks to sign on to the free, public TMA forum, and hopefully join in on the conversations which would lead to them acquiring a traditional muzzleloader and participating and enjoying the sport as we do.

There are no obligations attached to the brochures other than making them available wherever you would deem they might make a difference - club meetings, events, range gatherings, shooting matches, local gun stores, sports or outdoors organizations, etc.

In doing so, you are not only helping the TMA, you are helping yourself through the increased participation by others, which in turn keeps the manufacturers and vendors that supply us with our gear in business. Plus that good feeling of actually making a difference!

There is no dollar cost on your part! At your request, a packet of TMA brochures will be sent to you. Disseminate them as you see fit. That's it. Thank you very much for your support!

To request the number of TMA brochures of your choosing, please email