2019 TMA Paper Silhouette Postal Match Schedule

You Must Be a TMA Contributing Member to Participate in TMA Postal Matches

Please note ~ By entering any or all of the following TMA Postal Matches, you (the competitor), assume all or any risk of participation and also agree to indemnify and hold harmless the TMA, it's agents, Representatives and/or volunteers from any claim for property loss or bodily injury resulting from, you (the competitor), through your participation, and have agreed to this through your participation in these said Postal Matches.

The Overview - Each month, for 6 specific months of the year, you shoot 25 yards OFFHAND (standing, no bench, no gun support other than the shooter's hands) at a set of four silhouette paper targets that are registered to you, for your score. Mail that used target back to the TMA to have your score tallied. Scores are published monthly, certificate awards are given to winners. Shooting and equipment rules are detailed below. Have FUN!

1. Guns & Ammo -

Any traditional muzzleloader, .32 to .62 Caliber ...

* a single ball that's patched, unpatched, tow'd, wadded, whatever - just a pure lead ball * rifle, smoothbore, or pistol
* traditional caplock, flintllock, wheellock, matchlock
* a single ball that's patched, unpatched, tow'd, wadded, whatever - just a pure lead ball

Signup for the TMA Paper Silhouette Match is now open and will run through March 1, 2019.

2. 2019 Silhouette Match Schedule

April 1st through October 15th - To complete your 40 shot Match
Your Targets Must Be Post Marked By October 15th To Be Counted For Scoring
Please Return All Targets At The Same Time

April - Silhouettes
May - Silhouettes
June - Silhouettes

July - Break For TMA Mike Fink Shoot - This Is A Free Shoot Open To All. You Must Get A Copy Of The Mike Fink Target From Our Site... Those Paid Entries In Our "Paper Silhouette Match" Will Find A Target Copy In Their Target Packet.

August - Silhouettes
September - Silhouettes
October - Silhouettes

The TMA Paper Silhouette Match is an accumulation of the total score's of 6 matches added together from the above schedule.

3. Monthly Course of Fire

3 shots at Chicken, 2 shots at Ram, 2 shots at Pig, 3 shots at Turkey.
All targets will be shot from 25 yards - Standing / Offhand, No Rifle Slings allowed.

3a. Targets

NOTE: You may shade the entire inside area of each target with black color for a better sight picture.

The Monthly silhouette targets used will ONLY be the ones sent to you in your packet. They are coded and serialized specifically for your use. No duplicated targets from your packet will be accepted. Send in only the original required monthly targets for scoring, that you were sent on your signup/Match Registration. Please fold twice and return in a standard 4-1/8" x 9-1/2" envelope addressed to:

Joe Martin
315 Coates St.
Crawford, NE 69339

IMPORTANT - Returning Targets (for score) must be returned on, or before, or post marked no later then the last day of the month they were required to be shot.

3b. Entry Fees

TMA Contributing Members Only - $8.00 mail-in or $9.00 if using PayPal

2019 Postal Match Fee
Your TMA Paid Member Number
Your TMA Forum User Name


Postal Match PDF file Entry Form

Postal Match DOC file Entry Form

3c. Awards

3c1. The highest match score is declared the overall grand winner.

3c2. The top five shooters with the most accumulated hits will receive - "TMA Achievement Certificates"

3c3. Most hits by a "Paid TMA Member" will receive a "TMA Paid Member Championship Certificate"

3c4. All participants scores will be public each month on our website as a running total during the Silhouette season.

The following TMA Sight Rules will apply for the above Matches

For our silhouette shoots we will use the (u - v - and square notch rear sights, and the metal blade, barley, or pin, front sight setup only). No sight shades will be used.

4. Fixed Sights

4a. Fixed Sights are "Open Iron Sights" that can not be adjusted. They are either soldered, screwed, or dovetailed into the the barrel of a traditional style muzzleloader. Both front and rear sight, or a combination of the two installing techniques.

4b. Fixed Sights may not be of, fiber optic design. They must be made of metal. Smoking, or painting a front sight blade in flat black is allowed for the purpose of dulling a silver or shiny brass front sight to help reduce glare.

4c. This sight system is usable in all matches without any special rules regarding these sights.

5. Adjustable Sights

5a. Adjustable sights are attached to the barrel of a traditional style muzzleloader, much in the same manner as outlined in the above, 2.a. They do have the ability to be adjusted for windage and elevation.

5b. Adjustable Sights may not have any highlighting marks of, paint, fingernail polish, or fiber optics on them. They must be made of metal, in their natural state, or factory stock finish.

5c. Adjustable Sights must be adjusted prior to shooting the scoring match, and may not be adjusted at any time during the course of the shooting days record fire.

5d. This sight system may be subject to "Special Rules", for "Special Matches", where adjusting your sights may be permitted in a course of fire. Unless 4d is specifically called for, 4a, 4b, & 4c, will be used.

Practice targets for our new 2018 Paper Silhouette Matches can be downloaded by clicking on the target images located at the top of this page, or via the direct links below. These are for Practice Only - only the official match target faces you receive via the Post Office will be used for scoring. The practive target images may not print the precise size the of Official Targets. You may need to adjust the print size. To help with that, here are the exact dimensions of each animal target image ...

chicken - from pointed tail to pointed beak is 3-1/2"
pig - from snout to nose is 5-1/4"
turkey - from pointed tail to pointed beak is 5-1/2"
ram - from butt point to mouth end is 6-3/4"

Chicken and Ram

Pig and Turkey

Now print them out and go practice!

ALL PAID TMA MEMBERS WHO ENTER INTO OUR SILHOUETTE MATCH will have the TMA Postal Match logo image added to their posting signature line, updated each year you take part in our TMA Silhouette Match. This is for Paid TMA Members Only.